We have sereral Realtors willing to assist you:

If your a seller is willing to participate, we have a buyer. You turn house quickly and...lets face it it is a buyers market but these deals have legs and are a great way to bridge the gap between our customers who need a bit of help and you selling(who in some cases has been sitting on a house for a year or more). Houses must comp but stop dropping the price. We have more buyers than listings and encourage you to call us and find out more.

Why are we dusting off Rent to Own (lease options) and Land Contracts??... We have 300-500 calls per day from people who want to buy. It is not new, but we bring a fresh look and encourage all parties to have an exit plan. Lender changes have been swift and will continue, Buyers generally do not have the down payments but can have worked towards it this way via rent credits. Or they have $ to put down on a land contract but credit will need some work.

So many benefits to this: You get some money up front (and in the case of land contracts sell the home for TOP dollar with no appriasal necessary and the buyer pays the property taxes and homeowners insurance), work with loan officers who advise buyer/renters and also have a vested interest in completion of transaction (they don't get paid on the actual sale until you do). It is a different market almost overnight and our creative Real Estate professionals will find a way to help you expand your options in this market.

Sellers are getting anxious, lenders are too, we are bridging the gap in the marketplace between those who no longer are approved and those who need to sell. Our goal is to have rent to own transactions closed within 3 months, the buyer/renter needs a place to live NOW, get them matched with sellers who are stretching with 2 payments...


Credit Enhancement --Would you love to buy a house but think you can't due to BAD CREDIT or LACK of CREDIT?

We specialize in helping people who want to buy become homeowners. Our credit action plan is specific to you and your circumstances. BOOST YOUR CREDIT SCORE!

Call Tim at: 734-437-0180


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